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Salma Hayek all dressed up in naughty lingerie and ready to fulfill your fantasies

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Like all beautiful actresses, Salma Hayek has played characters that are naughty and seductive.  With her good looks and voluptuous body, she’s very good at it.  Remember her seductive dance in “From Dusk Til Dawn”?  Damn, that scene was way hot and she really captivated her audience with her sensual movements.  It paved the way for a lot of fantasies about Salma Hayek.  Someone who could move as sensually as she can must be really good in bed.  And someone as gorgeous as Salma is definitely going to be the subject of a lot of wet dreams.  In this post, I included a small gallery of pictures featuring the actress in different outfits that would satisfy the fetishes of a lot of men out there.  Check out the photos below and click on the thumbs to get the full-sized version.

In one of the photos, she’s clad in a skintight leather outfit and that leaves nothing to the imagination.  She’s not wearing any panties and her butt is displayed in all its glory.  Her red, thigh-high fuck-me boots add another dimension to her appearance.  You can just imagine fucking her with just those boots on.  In another picture, she’s panty less again and she has her stockinged legs wide apart, exposing her hairy pussy deliciously.  She’s sitting on a pool table and you can again imagine fucking her while she’s on top of that table.  I’ve watched a lot of porn movies and the pool table is an ideal setting for some serious fuck positions.  You can try out your acrobatic moves if you used that table as a bed.  The last pic is taken outdoors, another ideal setting for an intense fuck session.  She only has her big tits covered but she’s bare down south.  Damn, if ever you come across a chick like that while walking in the woods, you’ll surely fuck her ass off.

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