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Salma Hayek’s fake nude movie

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Now this is something really interesting for all of you Salma Hayek fans out there… you have seen her shed some skin and do all of those hot nude scenes in several of her past movies, but this time, we have unearthed several of these unusual videos or shall we say, unusual movie clips of the lovely Latina actress in all of her naked glory toting big guns and going after bad guys. Now it seems that this movie entitled “Bloodstrike” is one big fake and do you think that Salma would accept such role running around shooting down fuckers naked?! Oh well, just seeing her in her birthday suit is enough to keep us happy.

Anyhow, you might want to check out the fake nude movie clips that we have discovered and see Salma’s bare tits and pussy playing as the naked heroine in the make-believe action flick Bloodstrike, and you can get them only at Salma Hayek Nude today.