Bad Girl

June 23rd, 2010 by salmahayek

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Growing up in Mexico, Salma Hayek earned quite a bit of a reputation as a bad girl. Hayek’s father is of Lebanese descent, while her mother is Mexican and of Spanish descent. As a nod to her Lebanese heritage, she was given named Salma, which is Arabic for “safe”. She was raised in a wealthy, devoutly Catholic family. Her family sent her to the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau, Louisiana, at age twelve, where she took to heart the role of being a naughty Catholic schoolgirl. While there, she was also diagnosed with dyslexia.

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Due to her rebellious nature, the religious sisters running the Academy finally have had enough of her. The nuns kicked Salma out of the Catholic school, citing behavioral problems, so she returned to Mexico. She was later sent to live with her aunt in Houston, Texas, where she stayed until she was 17 years old.

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Salma Hayek’s fake nude movie

June 25th, 2009 by salmahayek

Now this is something really interesting for all of you Salma Hayek fans out there… you have seen her shed some skin and do all of those hot nude scenes in several of her past movies, but this time, we have unearthed several of these unusual videos or shall we say, unusual movie clips of the lovely Latina actress in all of her naked glory toting big guns and going after bad guys. Now it seems that this movie entitled “Bloodstrike” is one big fake and do you think that Salma would accept such role running around shooting down fuckers naked?! Oh well, just seeing her in her birthday suit is enough to keep us happy.

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Salma shows her kinky side and mixes it up with different fuck buddies

October 20th, 2008 by salmahayek

Our favorite Latina actress has done it this time.  Salma Hayek totally gets down and dirty with various fuckmates in this post.  I’ve included a couple of pictures featuring the actress sampling different kinds of dick.  Get your horny ass moving and check out the images below.  You’ll be wanking in no time at all after you’re done looking at them.

Salma gets serviced by two guys in the first photo.  One cock isn’t enough to satisfy this lusty woman.  She must be into double penetration too.  If I were the one fucking her, I wouldn’t want to share her.  But if that’s what it takes to get her in bed, then that’s just what I’ll do.  A sexual woman like her must take a lot of pleasing and I’m more than happy to give her what she wants.  The next two pictures show her going one on one against two different fuck buddies.  Damn, how many fuckmates does she have?  They say Latinas are good lovers and it sure looks like Salma is no exception!

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Salma Hayek all dressed up in naughty lingerie and ready to fulfill your fantasies

October 20th, 2008 by salmahayek

Like all beautiful actresses, Salma Hayek has played characters that are naughty and seductive.  With her good looks and voluptuous body, she’s very good at it.  Remember her seductive dance in “From Dusk Til Dawn”?  Damn, that scene was way hot and she really captivated her audience with her sensual movements.  It paved the way for a lot of fantasies about Salma Hayek.  Someone who could move as sensually as she can must be really good in bed.  And someone as gorgeous as Salma is definitely going to be the subject of a lot of wet dreams.  In this post, I included a small gallery of pictures featuring the actress in different outfits that would satisfy the fetishes of a lot of men out there.  Check out the photos below and click on the thumbs to get the full-sized version.

In one of the photos, she’s clad in a skintight leather outfit and that leaves nothing to the imagination.  She’s not wearing any panties and her butt is displayed in all its glory.  Her red, thigh-high fuck-me boots add another dimension to her appearance.  You can just imagine fucking her with just those boots on.  In another picture, she’s panty less again and she has her stockinged legs wide apart, exposing her hairy pussy deliciously.  She’s sitting on a pool table and you can again imagine fucking her while she’s on top of that table.  I’ve watched a lot of porn movies and the pool table is an ideal setting for some serious fuck positions.  You can try out your acrobatic moves if you used that table as a bed.  The last pic is taken outdoors, another ideal setting for an intense fuck session.  She only has her big tits covered but she’s bare down south.  Damn, if ever you come across a chick like that while walking in the woods, you’ll surely fuck her ass off.

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Salma Hayek modeling naked in various glamour photos

October 20th, 2008 by salmahayek

The hot Latina actress has finally shown her sexy body to the whole world!  We all know that Salma Hayek has no qualms about going nude in some of her movies but this time it’s different.  She actually took off all her clothes to expose even her pussy!  That’s right; this hot mama has exposed her vagina for the first time ever in the pictures I’ve included below.  Check them out now and admire the actress in all her naked glory!

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